Best brands - videos

The marketing consultancy Interbrand Sampson has created a list of the 100 best global brands. The videos you are going to watch show interviews with Jeremy Sampson talking about this topic. The image also shows a ranking of best brands. How much do you agree with the position of the brands in this image?  Were you surprised by some of them?  As you listen note if any of the brands in the image has changed position.

Do you agree with the list Interbrand has come up with?
Are there any brands that should be in the top ten ranking, but which aren't?
What are the reasons Jeremy Sampson gives for a brand like Coca Cola to remain at the top?
Why have the banks become the losers in the ranking?
Why has Google gone up in the ranking?
Harley Davidson is one of the worst in the ranking.  What reasons are given for this?
What is said about India and China?
Do you agree with the interviewees' comments?
What would be the list for the top ten brands in Argentina?

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