Tenses - Present simple and Present continuous

The text below gives some practice with these two basic English tenses

Rich teenager

Rich teenager

Tenses - Present Simple and Present Continuous

Complete the text with the correct verb either in Present Simple or in Present Continuous form.
Rich teenagers so much money that they can afford to buy anything they like. The problem is they often what to do with all the money they have. Christina Andreou, 15, from a family of very rich shipowners. She already a sports car (her brother it, because she isn't old enough yet). 'Right now,' she says, 'My big brother it until I'm a bit older.' Christina hours playing the latest computer games. She of buying a new laptop so that she can play her favourite games when she around the world. The Andreou family houses in London, Paris, Buenos Aires and of course, Athens. Christina her money can buy her friends. 'It me when I think of how little money my friends have, compared to how much pocket money I from my parents.'

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