Listening activity based on a soap opera

LIstening comprehension of episode 2, season 2.

1. Why is the film director so angry with Kathy?
She doesn't sound really excited.
Her accent is awful.
She is too excited.

2. What does Kathy do in her second attempt?
She fakes a British accent.
She sounds too enthusiastic.
She speaks in a very low voice.

3. What does Michael suggest Kathy doing?
Relaxing and speaking more naturally.
Using a British accent when she speaks.
Speking up.

4. How does the director feel after Kathy's third attempt?
He thinks they have to start again.
He thinks the commercial is fine.
He thinks Kathy is a disaster.

5. What does Kathy ask after doing the commercial?
'Can I have lunch now?'
'Can I go home now?'
'Can I do it again?'

6. What do we find out about Michael?
He sent Kathy some chocolates.
He sent Kathy some flowers.
He sent Kathy an email.

7. What does he invite Kathy to do?
To have a cup of coffee together?
To have lunch together.
To go to the cinema together.

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