Daily routine - Simple Present tense

When we talk about our daily routine, we use verbs conjugated in the Simple Present tense.
The idea is that we usually do the same things every day.  It's our routine or habit.
When we want to express this idea (of our routine) in English, we use the Simple Present tense.

For example:
I get up at 6.30 from Monday to Friday.
I have a shower and then I get dressed.
After that, I have a big breakfast with milk and cereal and fruit.
I leave for work at about 7.30.
I start work at 8 and I finish work at 4.
After work I do some exercise.
Sometimes I have dinner at home, but sometimes I go out with my friends.
I usually go to bed at about 11.30.

The video below shows a teacher, Kim, talking about her routine.
Watch the video and answer the questions about Kim.

Image belongs to FunnyChill.com
Original video from British Council