Introduction to CAE exam

In this presentation you will find information about the Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) exam.

Important:The exam has been revised and there are some changes that will start to be applied from January 2015.
Basically, these changes include the unification of papers 1 and 3 into only one paper; the exercises related to Use of English come first in the unified paper and then the ones related to Reading. There is a reduction of the allowed time for completing these unified paper, as well as a reduction in the number of exercises that candidates must complete. In the Use of English section, activity four (gapped sentences) has been eliminated.
In paper 2, students must write an essay for the first task and for the second task the number of choices has been reduced to three.
In paper 5, the prompts that used to be presented with images, now will be shown in written format. The overall timing has been kept, but the distribution of time for the different activities has changed slightly.

For more information about this change, visit New specifications for 2015

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