Doo be doo - Freshlyground

This beautiful song is the excuse for a listening comprehension exercise.
  • First, enjoy the song. 
  • Then, work with the listening comprehension activity.

Doo Be Doo - Freshlyground

Doo Be Doo - Freshlyground

Listen to the song and fill in the blanks.
Did you hear the on the radio today?
People have to give their love away
I can't to be there in line!
have agreed to honour and obey
They’ll come down and to what the people say
I can't wait to be in line, no no!
will play in the streets
Loving everyone they
Open will be the rhythm of the day
will greet each other
Sisters and the
Even enemies will come to be
I wait to be there in line
If you are
Feel free to come
If you are ready
Vem ca amigo, irei levar-te la
If you are ready...
Say you to live and grow in every day
Say you know the of love
See every that you meet
As every you and every
And then I'll know you feel the of love!
I can't wait to be there in , no no!


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