PET - Paraphrasing

Re-write the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the sentence printed before it.

  1. Let's go to the cinema.

    He suggested ______________________________________

  2. Although it was raining hard, we went to the movies on foot.

    Despite ______________________________________

  3. I haven't seen him before.

    This is the first time ______________________________________

  4. After swimming hard for 2w hours, he succeeded in crossing the river.

    He managed ______________________________________

  5. The police have caught three smugglers.

    Three smugglers ______________________________________

  6. It isn't necessary for you to bring it.

    You ______________________________________

  7. How much does it cost?

    The tourist wanted to know _________________________________

  8. It was such a lovely day that we went to the beach.

    The day was _________________________________

  9. It is essential that you study this paraphrasing.

    You ______________________________________

  10. You can't complete this exercise unless you study.
  11. If ______________________________________

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