Writing a review of a book or film

Complete the review of the novel Frankenstein with the sentences in the list below the text. 


Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley, the wife of the poet P.B. Shelley in 1818.
(1)_____________________________________________________________________________________________________  The story is told through the letters of a man called Walton, an English explorer.  We are told of Victor Frankenstein, a student from Geneva, who discovers the secret of life.
(2)_____________________________________________________________________________________________________  People are terrified of it because it is so huge and ugly.  The poor monster has no friends and feels lonely and depressed, so it asks Frankenstein to make it a wife.
(3)_____________________________________________________________________________________________________  Then the monster attacks and kills not only Frankenstein's brother, but also his friend, and his bride Elizabeth.  Frankenstein is heartbroken and is determined to kill the monster.  (4)_________________________________________________________________
Frankenstein is a fascinating story because of the character of the monster, which is both sad and frightening at the same time.

1.      However, he dies while chasing the monster which then kills itself.  
2.      It is a horror story which is thought to be the original science fiction novel.  
3.      So he collects bones and bodies from graveyards, and makes a person which is more monster than a man.  
4.      This he refuses to do.

Look at these headings.  Find the information in the review of Frankenstein.
  • Title and author
  • type of book/film
  • characters
  • events in the story
  • your opinion of the book or film

Make some notes under the headings above about a book or film that you have read or seen recently.  Then write a review in about 200 words.

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