Passive Sentences with two possible subjects

Where possible, rewrite the following sentences in two different ways, using a different subject each time.  Some sentences may be rewritten only one way. Check your answers at the bottom.

  1. The detective showed the victim an identikit of the suspect.
  2. Local citizens used to sell the tourists home-made handicrafts.
  3. Why don’t they offer the customers a refund?
  4. They can’t guarantee every guest a personal assistant.
  5. They are going to report the incident to the police.
  6. Some students suggested to me that the Internet would provide the data I needed.
  7. The organizers promised us full compensation if the event fell through.
  8. The referee has declared the fault a penalty.
  9. We’ll give the new members of staff our new guidelines.
  10. They are delivering the goods to us right now.
  Check your answers