Buenos Aires city

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina. It is one of 20 largest cities in the world and is considered the great cosmopolitan doorway to South America.  It is encircled by the 'Río de la Plata' (River Plate) on the east and north and its tributary the 'Riachuelo' river on the south and by the avenues 'General Paz'  and 'Intendente Cantilo'.  There are 48 "barrios" or neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires. Some of them are quite small and some of them are very large.  There are "barrios" that are well known because of their commercial centres, others because of their historical background and also some of them are famous for their connection with football, such as Núñez neighbourhood, where the club River Plate is located or La Boca neighbourhood, which holds the stadium of the football club Boca Juniors.
Buenos Aires is a great city with 2 890 151 inhabitants. People from Buenos Aires are referred to as "porteños".  The reason for this nickname is that "porteños" live close to the harbour -"puerto" in Spanish- and in that way they are seen as different from the rest of the population of Argentina.  In the past this nickname reflected a bitter criticism for the inhabitants of Buenos Aires.  The idea was that these people turned their backs to the rest of their country and were for ever looking up to Europe.  This belief does no longer persist, but the nickname remains.
There are many interesting places for tourists to visit. museums (art, history, science, cinema, etc.), art galleries, the planetarium Galileo Galilei, the Buenos Aires zoo, the Buenos Aires botanical garden, a great variety of parks and open green spaces, etc.
Buenos Aires is also famous for its night life.  There many options to enjoy at night, such as eating out in its many restaurants; watching a film; watching a play; enjoying live concerts, some of which are frequently free and held in the streets, etc.
Buenos Aires is definitely a wonderful city to visit.

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