Practise English and learn some beauty tricks about eyebrows

This video gives good tips for women interested in their beauty. Particularly, as regards eyebrows. I propose to watch the first part of the video and then find the correct words for the underlined words in the transcript below.
I have written some words in a different colour. You can look their meaning up in the Cambridge Dictionary gadget that is on the sidebar.

We’re here today to talk about eyelashes. I’m personally obsessed with eyebrows, they really frame your head in the same way, you know, a frame complements a painting. They set the tone, day time, evening. There are some fewer mistakes that women make with eyebrows, such as over-plucking or just filling them in too densely, or using a shade that is darker than they really need to use. But we’re here today to talk about some tips, such as trimming your eyebrows, so that you don’t have to cut them so much, and by doing so and some strategic filling in you can surely lift your entire eye shape and kind of give yourself a mini eye-lift.
What I suggest for Chloe’s eyebrows is a few tricks. First of all, her hair is slightly short so we’re going to trim. We’re going to clean up the line along the top. We might even take a little bit of the end off, open up her eye shape so that it’s not closed down by her eyebrow and then ultimately we’re going to fill in with a colour that’s quite a light colour so that she gets a nice shape on her brow but she doesn’t feel like they’re too dense.
First I’m going to pluck some of her stray hairs that are furthest away from her normal lash line. Something interesting about Chloe’s eyebrows is that she has a few sparse hairs here over the bulk of her brow line, and it is a good rule not to pluck above your eyebrows because you want to make them look as big as possible, but in this case, because the hair has quite a space away from her natural hair line, you can go ahead and take those off and not worry too much about them.
Her eyebrow is actually a bit thicker than this line, which means that if we take the corner of her eyebrow off we open up her eye and make it appear a bit more lifted.
We can see in the next step for Chloe we’re going to comb up her eyebrow; we can see they’re quite long, we’ll trim the length and then we’ll fill in the small gaps, and even though she’s got dark hair we’re going to fill in the gaps in such a way that they’ll look natural. Even though Chloe has a nice texture and toneture in her eyebrows, they’re a bit sparse so what we’re going to do is take a pencil that is lighter than her hair colour and just draw in a line along the top. Give them a nice look.
Do you like them?
I love them.


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