Phrasal verbs: GIVE

The verb GIVE can combine with different prepositions to form phrasal verbs.

Give something away = reveal something secret, usually unintentionally
We told him to be discreet, but he just gave us away.  He kept looking at smiling at us. We had no other choice but to confess.

Give something away = donate / give something we don't need to whom may need it
I usually give away most of my clothes every two years.  They are still in good condition, so poor people can still wear them; and I renew my clothes.

Give away (goals) = Win / Score (goals)
Our team needs to stop playing in that way.  We're giving away goals without putting any resistance.

Give somebody away = (wedding)  bring the bride to the front of the church where the groom is waiting for her
I don't have a father so I want my brother Thomas to give me away.

Give back = return something to its owner / place of origin
I don't want to lend her anything.  She always borrows my things but she never gives them back to me.

Give in = surrender
The criminals kept ten people hostage for 24 hours, but, seeing that their demands were not met, they eventually gave in.

Give in to =  Agree to something you don't like // Allow a feeling/desire to control you
He suffers from diabetes and he knows he can't eat anything with sugar, but he gives in to sweet treats quite often.
The party leader has received many threats but he takes every opportunity to reassure his followers that he will not give in to any 'coward' threat.

Give off = Emit // produce something as result of a natural process.
How much carbon dioxide do plants give off?

Give out = last / work no longer
She bought her refrigerator 20 years ago.  It's not surprisingly that it has given out.
Our supplies will give out by the end of this month.

Give out = distribute
The teacher gave out copies of the story to be analyzed to every student in the class.

Give up = Stop doing something / Lose or be defeated
We've decided to give up eating food that is not organically produced.
He knew that his opponent was far superior, but he refused to give up.

Give it up for somebody = clap your hands to show approval/enjoyment // give an applause
Ladies and gentlemen, let's give it up for Adele.

Choose the best alternative to complete the following sentences:

1. It was a lovely wedding! She was ______ by her grandfather.
given up
given in
given away

2. We're running out of food. Our supplies will ______ by the end of this week.
give out
give away
give off

3. 'Ok. You can use it today but you must _________ to me tomorrow.
give up
give it back
give it up for

4. I'm _______ all these things to charity.
giving away
giving in
giving out

5. 'Do you know the answer?' 'No. I _____. Just tell me.'
give in
give up
give back

6. The way she looks at Tom, completely ________! She shouldn't be so obvious.
gives her away
gives up
gives out

7. Everything that has a temperature _______ electromagnetic radiation (light).
gives up
gives in
gives off

8. It's time the team stopped _________ goals to our rival!
giving away
giving in
giving out

9. The rebels were forced to __________.
give out
give in
give off

10. She tried to control herself, but eventually __________ smoking again.
gave in to
gave in
gave up

11. I think we should _________ our students for their great effort this year.
give up
give in to
give it up for

12. 'Can you ________ copies of the new report to all members of the board before the meeting?'
give away
give out
give in

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