Phrasal verbs with the verb TURN

The general meaning of the verb 'to turn' is to go back to where you started, to revolve, etc.
Depending on the preposition that follows the verb TURN, it may have different meanings, for example:
  • I usually turn to my father for help.  (ask someone for help/advice)
  • The man turned out to be my mother's lost brother.  (proved to be)
  • Please, turn on the computer. (make it function / work)
  • She turned into a vegetarian at the age of sixteen. (became)
  • Nobody turned up for the party yesterday. (came/arrived)

You can check the different meanings of the phrasal verbs with turn, here: MacMillan Dictionary online


Phrasal verbs with TURN – Complete the sentences with the missing particle to form phrasal verbs with the verb TURN.

down(2)   ·  into(2)   ·  out(5)   ·  on(5)  
1.Can you turn the TV ? I'm trying to work.
2.Don't forget to turn the lights when you go!
3.Hollywood discovered her and turned her a star.
4.It was a difficult time, but eventually things turned all right.
5.It was Walter who turned me to vegetarian food.
6.Jake turned his computer and checked his mail.
7.Peter turned Rae and screamed, 'Get out of my sight!'
8.Science fiction just doesn't turn me .
9.That guy turned to be Maria's second cousin.
10.The way he looked at her really turned her .
11.They offered her the job but she turned it .
12.Thousands turned to watch yesterday's match against Ireland.
13.To my surprise, it turned that I was wrong.
14.Weeks turned months, and still there was no letter.
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