Present Simple tense - Reading exercise

Look at the following examples:

I don't have lunch at home.  I have lunch in the company's canteen.
He doesn't eat meat.  He's a vegetarian.
Argentina doesn't limit with Paraguay on the west.  It limits with Chile.
The Sun doesn't go around Earth.  Earth goes around the Sun.
February doesn't have thirty days.  It has 28 days, or 29!
Argentinian citizens don't speak English as their first language.  They speak Spanish.

These sentences are in Present Simple tense, in the negative form. It is necesarry to add an auxiliary before the verb to make the negative form.


Don't forget to use the base (infinitive) form of the verb.

The following exercise gives some practice with the Present Simple tense, affirmative and negative.

Present Simple: Routines

Present Simple: Routines

Complete the text with the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple Tense.
I always (get up) early in the morning, but during my holidays I (not/get up) until 11 or 11.30. My family and I are usually (spend) our holidays in the countryside. Unfortunately, we (not/be) on holiday now!

My wife (get) up early too, even on holidays. She (prepare) breakfast for all the family so we call all enjoy breakfast together. After breakfast, she usually (do) the housework but she (not/stay) home everyday, she (go) to work twice a week. I (not/be) that lucky. I (work) from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.