Present Simple tense - Reading - fill in the blanks

Look at these examples:

I always get up very early.
I go to the gym twice a week.
He lives in Barcelona.
She is married and has two children.
My country limits with Chile on the west.
Planet Earth revolves around the Sun.

All of them are in the Simple Present tense.

We use this tense to talk, basically about:
  • Facts
  • Routines / Habits
The following exercise offers some practice with this verb tense.

Present Simple: Life in the countryside

Present Simple: Life in the countryside

Choose the correct option to complete the text.
Remember that you need to use the Simple Present form of the verbs in brackets.

Life in the countryside

We 1. (live) ______ in a small cottage in the countryside. We 2. (not/like) ______ the city life because the contact with Nature is almost impossible in the city. Here we 3. (have) ______ contact with Nature all the time.

My wife and I 4. (work) ______ in the local school during the morning and our daughter 5. (go) ______ to school in the morning too.

In the afternoon we 6. (walk) ______ in the country and 7. (sit) ______ under the trees. When the weather 8. (not/be) ______ fine, we usually 9. (stay) ______ at home. My wife 10. (bake) ______ some delicious cookies or pies and we 11. (not/feel) ______ sad for staying at home, on the contrary: We 12. (love) ______ eating her treats!