Vocabulary - Past forms of irregular verbs

Irregular verbs can be difficult to memorize.  The best thing is that they are so common in English that you see them very often and you use them very often too.
There are different ideas to learn the past forms of irregular verbs, and the following ones are just a few:
  • Just memorize the list (not that simple!)
  • Group them by similar spelling, for example: boUGHT, caUGHT, and broUGHT share the same spelling, so it is a good idea to learn them together.
  • Make sentences or phrases that are easy to remember using some of the verbs you want to learn, for example: Yesterday I WENT shopping and I BOUGHT clothes but I FORGOT my wallet so I LEFT the clothes in the shop and I CAME back home really sad.
  • Making groups of verbs that have a common topic, for example: WROTE, DRAW, READ, TAUGHT, could be associated to the idea of making a project at school. You decide your categories and what verbs go into your categories. It's personal.
  • Keep cards with the verbs you want to learn with you, so you can test yourself anytime.
  • Play games using the verbs you want to learn.
 In this LINK you'll find games to practise irregular verbs in the past.