"If you change ..." - Conditional Sentences

In this quotation by the great writer Isabel Allende, you can think about how we are telling our own stories, how we are living our own lives, how we are creating a life in technicolour.
I love this quotation because it helps me think about the important things I have in life, things that make my life a life in technicolour.  It also makes me put aside those feelings or situations that make my life darker.
How important it is to bring light and colour to our routines.

But in this quotation, we can also see an example of a grammar feature in English: Conditional.

In CONDITIONAL sentences there are always two parts, one part is the condition and the other part of the sentence is the consequence.
The condition is expressed using, in general, the word IF.

Some examples:
If you turn off the lights at night, you don't see anything.
If you read this information carefully, you will understand how to use Conditionals.
If I had less work, I would enjoy more time with my family.
If they had known the museum was closed, they wouldn't have gone there.