Money makes the world go round

Money is an essential part of our lives.Some people  say that it can't buy happiness; I don't believe that, but the truth is that money makes your life easier. 
There are lots of idiomatic expressions connected with the topic of money. 
 Look at the booklet below that shows some idioms related to the topic of 'money'.

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Are there similar idioms in your language? Do you know any other idiomatic expression about money in English? 

The following chart shows some idiomatic expressions related to money with their definitions.

1.    In the money
to suddenly have a lot of money, especially when you did not expect it
2.    Funny money
Counterfeit money or money gotten from illegal activities
3.    Where there’s muck there’s brass
said to mean that a lot of money can be made from business activities that are dirty or unpleasant
4.    Made of money
A person who is made of money is very rich and can buy whatever they want.
5.    Money is no object
It does not matter how much something costs.
6.    Time is money
time is valuable, so don't waste it.
7.    Money makes the world go round
to be extremely important, so that many ordinary events could not happen without it:
8.    Throw / pour money down the drain
to waste money; to throw money away.
9.    Money doesn’t grow on trees
To say that money doesn't grow on trees means that it is not plentiful or easily obtained.
10. Make ends meet
If you find it difficult to pay for your everyday needs because you have very little money, it is hard for you to make ends meet.
11. Have money to burn
to have a lot of money and spend large amounts on things that are not necessary
12. Money talks
Money talks means that people with a lot of money have power and influence.
13. Money for old rope
Money earned from a task that requires very little effort is called money for old rope.
14. A licence to print money
An activity that allows people to become very rich without having to make any effort.
15. Save money for a rainy day
to save money for a time when it might be ​needed unexpectedly
16. Spend money like water
to spend money very freely
17. Throw good money after bad
to spend money in an unsuccessful attempt to get back money one has already lost
18. Put your money where your mouth is.
To follow up on words with actions.