Passive Voice practice

Let's practise Passive Voice with the following exercise that contains some news about Argentina.

1. The ruling camp say the story (fabricate) by the opposition. (Present Perfect)

2. He (...) claimed Fernández (know) under the code name “the Walrus” because of his abundant mustache. (Simple Past)

3. Scioli (consider) a relatively moderate figure inside the Peronist movement. (Simple Present)

4. News of the whale quickly spread on social media and (broadcast) live by local stations. (Simple Past)

5. Many Argentines, who (know) for their quick wit and humor, were ready with jokes. (Simple Present)

6. An intense bright white light (spot) fly through the skies of Argentine capital of Buenos Aires on Thursday night. (Simple Past)

7. Boitano (...)says she has been told by Francis himself that the archive (open) to anyone who sought access to it. (Present Conditional)

8. The Pope has frequently praised the fortitude and faith of Paraguay’s women, saying they (award) the Nobel Peace Prize for what they did for their country. (Should)

9. Nearly half of the country (leave) in poverty. (Simple Past)

10. The Fifa’s Club World Cup (play) in December. (Simple Future)

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News taken from The Guardian