Comparative and superlative forms - I need my monster

In a previous post there was a video of a tale for children called 'I need my monster'.  You can click here to go to that post.

In that story there was a boy called Ethan who had a monster under his bed, called Gabe.
Ethan loved to have Gabe under his bed but one day Gabe left and then Ethan tried to find another monster as a substitute.

Now, all the monsters that came were quite different.  Some were bigger than others, some were scarier than others, some were less experienced than others, some were more menacing than others, some were not as good as Gabe, some were as scary as Gabe and one of them was the funniest of them all. But for Ethan Gabe was the best.

The coloured words show examples of comparative and superlative forms of adjectives in English.
The table below is about Comparative forms:

One syllable adj.
Gabe is taller than Ethan.
Two syllable adj. ending in letter  ‘y’
ADJ (without the letter ‘y’) + IER
Gabe is scarier than the other monsters.
More than one syllable adj.
Gabe is more frightening than the first monster.

The table below is about Superlative forms:

One syllable adj.

Gabe is the tallest monster.

Two syllable adj. ending in letter  ‘y’
ADJ (without the letter ‘y’) + IEST

The fifth monster is the funniest.

More than one syllable adj.
The girl monster is the most interesting monster (at the beginning).

  • This link takes you to some exercises to practise this grammar point from the story.  

  • You can also practise this grammar point with the activity below (this exercise is not connected with the story):
1. My pencil is ____ than Ethan's pencil.
more big

2. The Hilton's live in ____ house in the village.
the most big
the biggest

3. We bought a car that was _____ our old car.
more comfortable
more comfortable than
more comfortabler than

4. Sullivan is the ______ student in our class.
the most intelligent
more intelligent
most intelligent

5. Carol ran _____ Sue and she won the race.
more fast than
faster than
more faster than

6. Tom's joke was ______ of the night.
the funniest
the funnyest
the most funny

7. My aunt has _____ hairstyle in my family.
the craziest
the crazyest

8. My mobile is ______ my wife's.
modern than
modernest than
more modern than

9. She's the _____ girl in the class.
the shiest
the most shy

10. Peter speaks English _______ than Allan.
more fluently
fluently than
more fluently than

Score =
Correct answers:

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