Giving business presentations

Giving presentations is quite common in the business world, but it may represent a big challenge for many people.
In some cases, presentations are not quite successful because people make mistakes. 
The most important thing is to prepare your presentation really well. 

Read the following tips for giving presentations.

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Now, answer the questions below to check your understanding: 

1. You don't need much time to prepare a presentation.
Doesn't say.

2. It is advisable that presenters read notes during their presentations.
Doesn't say.

3. Why may images or graphics be included in presentations?
To make them more attractive.
To illustrate a point better.
To fill empty spaces.

4. Which of the following tips are not advisable when giving presentations?
Speak quickly.
Make eye contact with your audience.
Make sure everybody can listen to you.

Score =
Correct answers:

Check your memory with the activity below. Find pairs of associated ideas expressed in the tips above.

Tips for business presentation