More on giving business presentations

The following document provides a simple structure to organize a presentation. 
It also lists expressions that can be used in each stage of the talk.

Check your understanding with the following quiz:

Structure of a presentation

Structure of a presentation

Presentations typically cover the following points:

1) Welcoming and thanking the audience Giving your name / position in the company
2) Introducing the topic
3) Structuring the talk
4) Mentioning the timing
5) Talking about supporting material
6) Talking about questions

Write the number that corresponds to each part of the presentation next to the following sentences from a presentation:

a) I’ve divided my presentation into three parts.
b) The aim of this presentation is to give an update on the ‘X-50’ project.
c) There will be time for questions after my presentation.
d) I’ll email my PowerPoint to you after my talk.
e) Today I’ll be looking at a new trend in the clothing industry.
f) Let me introduce myself. My name is Nicolas Pier.
g) I’ll be giving out handouts at the end of my talk.
h) First, I’ll be looking at last year’s sales. Then, I’ll move on to this year’s forecast and finally, I’ll outline the expectations for the following quarter.
i) I’m Susan Sayers and I’m in charge of IT at Global Band Inc.
j) Hello everybody and thank you for coming along here today.
k) My talk will last about 15 minutes.
l) Good morning ladies and gentlemen. It’s a pleasure to have you all here today.
m) I’m aware that you are all very busy, so my talk will not take more than 20 minutes.
n) Hi, everybody. I’m Sarah Jones from HR.
o) If you have questions, feel free to interrupt me at any point during my talk.