Phrasal verbs with TAKE

There are many phrasal verbs that are formed with the verb TAKE.
Have a look at the diagram below with some of these phrasal verbs.

If you want to check your understanding of these phrasal verbs you can take the quiz below.

1. Definition: to fill an amount of space or time. Example: This desk _____ too much space.
takes on
takes up
takes in

2. Definition: to be similar to an older member of your family in appearance or character. Example: My sister _____ my grandmother. They're quite similar.
takes up
takes over
takes after

3. Definition: to start doing a job or being responsible for something that another person did or had responsibility for before. Example: When Mr Stevens resigned, I was appointed to __________ his position.
take over
take up
take out

4. Definition: to start to like someone or something. Example: Emily immediately ______ Jane and they have been best friends ever since.
took over
took to
took up

5. Definition: to employ someone. Example: The company has _______ three more engineers to work on this project.
taken on
taken over
taken to

6. Definition: to remove something from somewhere. Example: The dentist had to ______ my tooth.
take up
take over
take out

7. Definition: to start doing a particular job or activity. Example: She has decided to ______ acting.
take up
take over
take to

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