Story: I need my monster

Bed time stories are wonderful.  Children love them.  Children also learn a lot about life with these stories.
But children's stories can be very effective for English learners too.  They can practise vocabulary, grammar structures, listening comprehension, speaking, ...

In the video below there's a story called 'I need my monster' by Amanda Noll with illustrations by Howard McWilliam, and retold by Rita Moreno.  
This video belong to the website Storyline Online, which has lots of lovely stories retold on video.  Watch the video, pay attention to the images and the story and, if necessary,  watch it as many times as you need until you understand the story.

After you watch the video, check your understanding with the quiz below.

1. Ethan's monster, Gabe, is not there because ...
he went on holiday.
he went fishing.
he went swimming.

2. Ethan decided to knock on the floorboards because ...
he needed a monster to go to sleep.
he wanted to see Gabe again.
he needed Gabe to sing for him.

3. The first monster ...
had a lot of experience in scaring children.
didn't like to scare children.
had only theoretical knowledge about scaring children.

4. Why did Ethan reject the second monster?
The monster had his claws nail polished.
The monster was a girl.
The monster didn't have claws.

5. What did Ethan think of Cynthia, the third monster?
Ethan thought Cynthia was very scary.
Ethan thought that girl monsters are for girls.
Ethan thought that her tail was not good enough.

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