Adjectives are words that describe nouns (people, objects, animals, feelings, etc.). Adjectives give a better idea of how a noun is.

For example: 
A girl // A nice girl. // A nice tall girl. // A nice tall French girl.

The last sentence provides much more information about this girl. 
That's because we added adjectives to the noun girl.

Adjectives in English go before nouns.

Another important thing to remember about adjectives is that they do not have a plural form.
E.g.:  A nice girl.        and       Two nice girls.


  1. Paul is 1.75 metres ____. short long tall
  2. Linda's hair is blonde, but Mary's ____. dark fat high
  3. Mount Everest is really ____. tall long high
  4. Tom weighs 168 kilos. He's really ____. clean thin fat
  5. In my opinion, Madonna is a very ____ singer. dirty good low
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