Comparative / Superlative - exercise

We are constantly comparing things in our daily life.  It's really useful then to learn how to do this in English.
You can practise Comparative and Superlative structures with the exercise below.
If you need more information about this point you can access this link or this other link from this blog.

1. These vegetables are ___ the fast food your're eating.

2. I've checked the prices of computers, and, in general, brand X is ____ brand Z.

3. A second-hand car is ____ a brand new one.

4. In my opinion, Madonna is ____ singer in the world.

5. Mount Everest is _____ mountain in the world.

6. For many people, Pepsi Cola is ____ Coca Cola.

7. My Physics exam was ____ exam this term.

8. My Literature teacher is ____ my Biology teacher.

9. From the items I bought, the vegetables were _____.

10. This is ____ issue I have to deal with right now. I have bigger problems.

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