Relative clauses

Relative clauses are structures that help to avoid repetition.
Consider these sentences:

A woman is talking to Martin.
Our new teacher is a woman.

We can combine these sentences using relative clauses:

Our new teacher is the woman who is talking to Martin.  OR
The woman who is talking to Martin is our new teacher.

When we use this structure, we use pronouns, relative pronouns, such as WHO in the example.

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You can practise this point with the following exercise:


1. They are the people want to sell their property.

2. I can see the bones were more damaged.

3. The actor performs the role of a son father was a freedom activist.

4. Those are the trees my brother and me built our tree house.

5. Leonardo Di Caprio, is my favourite actor, stars in that movie.

6. Those were the reasons she didn't say anything before.

7. My children were born in a time babies were kept in the nursery while you were in hospital.

8. My sister Claudia, husband is a surgeon, is coming to visit us next month.

9. My sister lives in Canada is coming to visit us next month.

10. The students couldn't finish the assignment had to take the course again.

Score =
Correct answers: